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If You Can’t Convince Her Then Confuse Her

Whatsapp Users Never Die, They Just Go Offline.

No, I’m Not Feeling Violent, I’m Feeling Creative With Weapons.

Life Is Like A Hot Bath. It Feels Good While You’re In It, But The Longer You Stay In, The More Wrinkled You Get. ];

Just Remember…If The World Didn’t Suck, We’d All Fall Off.

Some People Are Like Slinky’s. Pretty Much Useless But Make You Smile When You Push Them Down The Stairs.

Ending Cigarette Smoking Is So Easy………I’ve Left It Like 100 Times !!I

Sometimes All You Need Is Love. Lol, Just Kidding, You Need Money. :’).

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In Modern Politics, Even The Leader Of The Free World Needs Help From The Sultan Of Facebookistan!!!

Light Travels Faster Than Sound. This Is Why Some People Appear Bright Until They Speak.

Running Away Does Not Help You With Your Problems, Unless You Are Fat.

Life Is Short…Smile While You Still Have Teeth.

I’m In Shape. Round Is A Shape Isn’t It?

Man Ask A Trainer In The Gym: “I Want 2 Impress That Girl… , Which Machine Can I Use?” Trainer Replies: “Use The Atm

If U Are Still Hate Me!Then No Problem!..
One Line quotes and one liners on life

Today Has Been Cencelled. Go Back To Bed

It’s Not True That I Had Nothing On. I Had The Radio On.

Don’t Get A Man(\Woman) ,Get A Dog …They Are Loyal And They Die Sooner.

With All This Technology Above And Under, Humanity Still Hunts Down One Another.

In Victory, You Deserve Champagne. In Defeat You Need It.

Still Miss My Ex – But Guess What? My Aim Is Getting Better ????

I Live In A World Of Fantasy, So Keep Ur Reality Away From Me!

After Getting Drunk, Bachelor Of Technology Turns Into Master Of Philosophy.

If Money Grew On Trees, Then Girls Would Be Dating Monkeys..!

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Excuse Me …. Please Empty Ur Pockets …. I Think U Stole My Heart.

It May Look Like I’m Deep In Thought, But 99% Of The Time I’m Just Thinking About What Food To Eat Later.

When I’m On My Death Bed, I Want My Final Words To Be “I Left One Million Dollars In The…

This Dog, Is Dog, A Dog, Good Dog, Way Dog, To Dog, Keep Dog, An Dog, Idiot Dog, Busy Dog, For Dog, 30 Dog, Seconds Dog! … Now Read Without The Word Dog.
One liner Status and Single line quotes on life

Brain Is Intelligent !Why Not Have Everyone…

Whoever Says “Good Morning” On Monday’s Deserves To Get Slapped

Cousins Are Created So That Our Parents Can Compare Marks.

Do Not Take Life Too Seriously. You Will Never Get Out Of It Alive.

Accept Who You Are. Unless You’re A Serial Killer.

My Mind Is Like Lighting, One Brilliant Flash, Then Its Gone…:(

1f You C4n R34d 7h15, You R34lly N33d 2 G37 L41d.

My Ex Had One Very Annoying Habit – Breathing

At Least Mosquito’s Are Attracted To Me.

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A Lie Gets Halfway Around The World Before The Truth Has A Chance To Get Its Pants On.

I Am Currently Experiencing Life At The Rate Of 15 Wtf’s Every Hours

I Am Not Addicted To Whats App. I Only Use It When I Have Time ……. Lunch Time, Break Time, Bed Time, This Time, That Time, Any Time, All The Time.

70% Boy Have Gf ,Other Then Have Brain!

I May Be Drunk, Miss, But In The Morning I Will Be Sober And You Will Still Be Ugly.

A Black Cat Passing By The Crossroad Can Stop Hundreds Of People What A Red Light On Traffic Signal Has Failed To Do For Long Time!!

Try To Say The Letter M Without Ur Lips Touching….!!

Never Go To Bed Mad. Stay Up And Fight.

It Is Easier To Ask For Forgiveness Than It Is To Ask For Permission.

One Day Your Prince Will Come. Mine Just Took A Wrong Turn, Got Lost And Is Too Stubborn To Ask For Directions

Congratulations!!My Tallest Finger Want To Give You A Standing Ovation.

People Who Exercise Live Longer, But What’s The Point When Those Extra Years Are Spent At Gym.

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